Site I made for start-up Cleaning Company

Dust It Up Cleaning

The Scoop

Business owner wanted a place to be found other than Social Media.

Was not worried about having to update any aspects of the site.

It ended up being a 5 page static website.

I wrote the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I used Bootstrap to help with the responsiveness. For animation I used animate.css.

When it came time to deploy, I went with AWS.

Landing Page

Simple and to the point.

I grabbed a stock image of a kitchen.

Then had the company logo and slogan drop in from the top of the window.

Everything the customer needs to know front and center... What you do, why you're better.

The navigation bar on the left of the screen, it collapses on mobile to give the usual "hamburger" menu.

Services Page

At the end of they day it is your site. I can champion for certain things. But the final call is yours.

For this particular page, the owner wanted to insert the PDF's on the page.

This way customers could download the form and see what's offered.

FAQ Page

This is always helpful.

You can alleviate some anxiety prospective customer have.

Client chose to list them all out.

Contact Page

Don't rely on your social media.

Give your customers a way to contact you directly.

In this case the client did not want to include a contact form.

However, I can include one for you.

End Game

Business owner saw in uptick in clients.