Site I made for my day job.

It's a paid subscription - sorry no link.

The Scoop

Website I made for work.

Made using Meteor.js.

Meteor is an open source JavaScript platform for web, mobile, and desktop development.

It comes packaged with Mongo DB. Which they claim is, "The database for modern applications".

Login Page

Being that this is something the company sells, I had to have a way to authenticate users.

I used Microsoft's Single-Sign on.

The page itself - has a video that autoplays.

You can make it full-screen - or a pop out window.

After being authenticated, you are taken to the landing page.


Landing Page

List of quarterly updates released.

Dynamically pulled from Mongo.

Announcements pane is limited to showing 10, and is also pulled from Mongo.


Quarterly Update Page

This is a list of releases.

Stored in Mongo in JSON format.

There's a filter for that page.

It's on the right on larger viewports, slides to the top on mobile.

Selecting an item takes you to the next page.


Each Release Page

You get here from the quarter releases or the gallery.

It has a video, you can pop out or full-screen it.

A link to download a PDF that explains the video and it's steps.

Under the video are the steps to complete the task.

Again, everything is in Mongo.


Webinar Page

Integrated FullCalendar (an all JS calendar) to allow users to sign up.

After integration - there was some customization I had to done.

Editing the layout - the way it accepts information.

Selecting events - gives you a modal/pop-out box to with the full description and a link.


Announcements Page

Can't really say anything here.

Announcements in Mongo - displayed here.

Sorted by date.

Links to relevant information.


Everything that was released.

Built a cummulative filter.

All pages are responsive, tiles shift around filters slide to the top.