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Sunday - Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Saturday - 8am -6pm


This street and that cross street.

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Our barber's are trained in everything form undercuts and side parts to the classic pompadour. Pick your poison. Neck shave included. (hair wash optional)


Beard Trim

Shaped, and lined up. (razor not included)


Buzz Cut

One size guard, all over.


Beard Trim Plus

Our shaves include hot towels, pre-shave oil, toner, cold towel, and moisturizer




Clean Up


Not quite time for a haircut, but you need to look presentable? We'll freshen up your line around the bottom of your haircut and shave your neck.

Kids Cut

Children must be able to sit unattended.


About Us

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John Doe - Owner

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John Doe- Barber

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John Doe - Barber

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John Doe - Barber

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Specialties: this,that, and that.