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Hey I'm

Sherwin Elcock

A Web Developer

Who is this guy?

I've been building websites since 2015

I'm a web developer based in Philly, PA. I build custom websites with no "cookie cutters". When called for, I can build in Wordpress as well, check it all out below. I do this full-time and I also freelance. You need to know nothing about web design/development. I've been doing this for years, I'll make it painless.

To get really into it, my weapons of choice are HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript, jQuery (if needed), Bootstrap and any animation framework we chose. To find out more about what I can do for you, check out my services or get a hold of me any way you choose, choices are on your right (if you didn't close it).

Techical Stuff Below

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Let's work on your next web development or ecommerce project.

What I Offer

One Page Sites

We'll make use of parallax scrolling, it's a big trend (I'd bet you've seen it). It's mobile friendly and you can put all of your content on one page and engage your user as they scroll through the sections.

E-Commerce Sites

If you're looking to offer goods/services for online purchase. I can get you set up.

Your Shopify and WooCommerce sites.

Informational Sites

This makes up the majority of websites, it's content and design driven.

How much information can you put on your Facebook or other social media page?

Blog Sites

Your online journal or diary.

If you want to express yourself or your business.

All sites are responsive.

The Process

1 Our Initial Meeting

We'll meet (virtually if you prefer) to discusss your brand. What are you about, who are your customer's, the demographic, how do you connect with your customers now? What separates you from the competition?

I want to know what you want out of the website - Do you want customers to call you, fill out a form to reach you, buy a product. I want to take that perfectly clear brand mission in your mind and translate it to the design.

2 My bid with estimate

I'll send over my bid which will include: what I plan to do to the site, the styling, functions, pages, timeline and the price.

3 Deposit

If you agree with the estimate - I'll send over the invoice and contract that will cover the job. An initial non-refundable deposit of 50% is due and I'll get to work.

4 Mockup

I'll make a mockup - in PhotoShop so you have an idea of what the site will look like. This is typically the landing page and any page that has any special features.

5 Your part

You know your business better than me. So, I ask/recommend that you write the content for your site. I can, but there is an additional fee.

6 Site Setup and Development

I'll start developing and provide you with a link to view the progress in real time. This lets you send over change requests and allows me to make them with the least amount of hassle.

7 Feedback / Edits

When the initial draft is ready, I ask that you send me itemized changes (images, text, placement, structure changes) that you would like. I'll address each item to ensure it comes out the way you enviosioned it.

8 Approval

I need the OK, after the changes before I can push the site live to the world.

9 Final Payment

After site is live, I ask for the final payment.

10 Customer Training

If it's a blog, or an online store, I'll show you how to make updates / changes.

11 Gotcha!

That's it - Nothing more.

But I'll stick around for 30 days to make minor revisions and answer any questions you may have.

A business without a website, is losing potential customers every day.

Some Stuff I've Made

Barbershop Website

Made for a barbershop to increase visibility.

Mock up of website

"CLS Site"

Web App I made for my day job.

Mock up of website


(Yeah, you're here now)

my site mock up

For the original site, I went through many different iterations.

Input from family and friends to see what was working, and "trolling" of my competitor's sites.

I built my own responsive grid.

I used GreenSock and ScrollMagic for my animation.

I got the idea of moving the mobile navigation button to the bottom of the screen from Google and Apple.

I was originally hosting myself, but got tired of having to maintain the machine.

So, I moved to iPage and paid yearly...

Finally I decided to devote the time and learn what was needed to deploy to Amazon Web Services.

Boy o boy is it cheap!

I have everything in an S3 bucket and I used cloudfront to edge them to shorten the load time.

RGB Color Guessing Game

Game I made as part of an online class.

To-Do List

Basic to-do list - no backend, so if you close or refresh the page, it's gone.


Just a scorekeeper I made for the kids.


Questions, Concerns...

Let's do this...

Tap your question, I'll answer now.


Word of mouth will point the leads directly to your site. Half of the battle, then we just convert them to customers.

Imagine hearing good things about business, and their website is horrible. You have to zoom and scroll, it has no real rhyme or reason or it's nonexistent?

Don't be that business.

Sure, and I'll watch a couple youtube videos and then come build your deck.

This is the face of your business. Let the professional handle it.

In the time it will take you to complete the site, and rework it to your liking you could have done that thing you've been putting off for your business.

Yes, of course. I have experience building Wordpress sites.

I do work to optimize every project of mine for search engines in terms of using header tags, meta tags, alt tags, relevant schema markup and valid, standards-compliant code.

With WordPress projects, I always install a SEO plugin to allow easy management of SEO data, as well as use an effective permalink structure.

I'll set up google analytics. You'll be able to run reports and see what's happening. I'll show you how.

Far from it...

Because projects vary so much in scope from one to the next, it’s difficult to provide a standard pricing list for my services. The most notable items that affect the price of any given project include the size of the site (number of unique views/layouts not page count), advanced functionality requirements (e-commerce, member profiles, etc.) and design complexity.

For design to WordPress or design to Shopify projects, it averages between 2-5 weeks, depending on the size of the site.

Sometimes sites are small and "basic" and can be knocked out faster while others are complex enough to warrant a longer timeline.

So we're clear...

My specialty is helping small businesses create a big business presence online. I deliver creative solutions that work for you. I'm a firm believer that with good design, a solidly built website, anyone can be as big and successful as they want to be on the internet. I can create a stylish, affordable, and successful website for you and your business.