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Hey I'm

Sherwin Elcock

A JavaScript Developer

Let's bring your site to life.

Who is this guy?

To get really into it, my weapons of choice are Photoshop and Illustrator for creating the layouts, then Visual Studio code to produce the clean semantic code. I'm constantly learning something related to web technology and playing around with JavaScript and AWS. To find out more about what I can do for you, check out my blog, work below, or get a hold of me any way you choose, choices are on your right (if you didn't close it).

There's more.

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Here are some tools I use to build.

  • checkmarkHTML
  • checkmarkCSS
  • checkmarkJavaScript
  • checkmarkSass
  • checkmarkjQuery
  • checkmarkBootstrap
  • checkmarkGit
  • checkmarkNode
  • checkmarkNPM
  • checkmarkMongo
  • checkmarkAWS

That's not everything, how about you call me for the full list.


I currenty work at Vitalyst in Philadelphia doing Web Development.

Here are couple things I've built.

Content Repository

What it is:

Company needed a place to store stuff, videos, PDF's, class outlines that were easily accessible to all who would need it.

I built it on the Meteor platform. (In case you're not familiar - it's an all JS platform with a Mongo backend.)

Things I had to accomplish:

We needed a way to sort through all the differnet content stored - so I built custom filters. It gives users the ability to sort by type, class and level.

Then I made a custom modal that pulls everything needed for that item from the DB. Streamlining the process, no need to keep clicking and digging.

Learning Portal

What it is:

This gives registered users the ability to see new features that are released in software.

We have a login page that redirects upon authentication to the landing page.

There we have links to the available quarters that are updated with information I get from another team.

There is a full page calendar with the option to view as a list.

Things I had to accomplish:

Rapid deployment - Meteor platform.

I had to filter each page by release, ie. Quarter 1 will only show updates released in that quarter.

Then there's the gallery page that displays all of the available releases - This page can be sorted by application.

Once you click, the item your taken to another page where that information is pulled from the Mongo DB and displayed for the user.

They get a link to a PDF they can download, while a video autoplays for them about the update.

While watching the video, the steps to accomplish the task are also pulled from Mongo and displayed for the user.

Login - used Microsoft SSO.

Calendar - used fullCalendar api, had to build custom modal.

Set up Google Analytics to track and report back to Account Managers.

Where I worked

Imaging Tech @ Riddle Hospital

I was responsible for the digitizing of Radiology Images.

Assisted doctors and patients with the viewing of digital images.

Ensure all Radiology records were kept according to HIPPA standards.

Some Stuff I've Made

Mock up of website

This was a freelance job I was able to get for a local start up business.

I wrote the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I used Bootstrap to help with the responsiveness. For animation I used animate.css.

It ended up being a 5 page static website.

The client and I went through multiple iterations until we had it to their liking.

We went with the slide out navigation bar on the left-side.

Client liked the box-shadow effect to highlight the important information.

When it came time to deploy, I went with AWS (far cheaper than alternatives).

Being that it's a static site, I saved everything to S3 buckets.

Edged everything with cloudfront, Amazon's CDN (Content Delivery System).

Took care of the routing with Route53.


(Yeah, you're here now)

my site mock up

A place for me to be seen.

Mess around developing things.

For the original site, I went through many different iterations.

Input from family and friends to see what was working, and "trolling" of my competitor's sites.

I built my own responsive grid.

I used GreenSock and ScrollMagic for my animation.

I got the idea of moving the mobile navigation button to the bottom of the screen from Google and Apple.

I was originally hosting myself, but got tired of having to maintain the machine.

So, I moved to iPage and paid yearly...

Finally I decided to devote the time and learn what was needed to deploy to Amazon Web Services.

Boy o boy is it cheap!

I have everything in an S3 bucket and I used cloudfront to edge them to shorten the load time.


Made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A Scorekeeper for 2 people

Check it out.

To-Do List

Made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

No data retention.

Check it out.

RGB Color Guessing Game

Made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

DOM manipulation.

Check it out.

Before you leave!

Check out my blog.

Notes, on Git, Sass, how to do things with Vanilla JS.