Hi, my name is

Sherwin Elcock

I like to make things for the web.

Currently I am a Software Coach / Web Developer at Vitalyst in Philadelphia.

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About Me

I'm a Front End web developer with knowledge of the full stack. I take photoshop mockups and turn them into the corresponding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Here are a few things I am experiened with:

  • check markHTML
  • check markCSS
  • check markSass
  • check markJavaScript
  • check markjQuery
  • check markBootstrap
  • check markGit
  • check markNode
  • check markNPM
  • check markMongo
  • check markMySQL
  • check markVue
  • check markMeteor
  • check markAWS
Cartoon image of me.

Where I've Worked / Work

Web Developer / Software Coach @ Vitalyst

October 2016 - Present

Using Meteor as development platform create and maintain code for in-house websites primarily using HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Git is used for version control.

Manually test sites in various browsers and mobile devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness.

Imaging Tech @ Riddle Hospital

June 2004 - February 2017

Responsible for the digitizing of Radiology Images.

Assist doctors and patients with the viewing of digital images.

Ensure all Radiology records were kept according to HIPPA standards.



Some Stuff I've Made

hyperlink icon Dust It Up Cleaning hyperlink icon

Responsive website I developed for a launching local business.

Worked with client to design website.

To save client money, I used AWS to host the static site.

Here's a quick .

OK, it's really not that quick, go here and I'll explain.


  • HTML,
  • Sass,
  • Bootstrap,
  • jQuery,
  • animate.css,
  • Git,
  • AWS (s3, Route53)


Dust it up on iPhone

hyperlink icon My Personal Website hyperlink icon

screenshot of older version of website


Yes, you are here now.

Just a place to be seen.

Responsive website, I wrote the HTML, SASS/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

I use GitHub for my version control.

GSAP and Scrollmagic for the animations.

Sass as my preprocessor.

Ensured site was HTML valid using: W3 Validation Service.

This page is being served from an AWS S3 bucket.

Since it's a static site, I just threw everything into an S3 bucket. Made them available to the public and adjusted the DNS records accordingly.

Edged the bucket with CloudFront, so it should load up lickety-split.


  • HTML,
  • Sass,
  • JavaScript,
  • jQuery,
  • Green Sock Animation Platform (GSAP),
  • Scrollmagic,
  • Git,
  • AWS (s3, Route53)


Site I made for fun.

I mess around with stuff there, sometimes codepen isn't enough.

I also use it as a place to hold notes. So far I've uploaded notes/tutorials for:

  • Github
  • Sass
  • CSS positioning
  • Javascript
    • Walking the DOM
    • Loops
    • Functions

Hosted on AWS.


  • HTML,
  • Sass,
  • Bootstrap,
  • jQuery,
  • animate.css,
  • AWS (s3, Route53)
screenshot of tutorial website


hyperlink image Scorekeeper

Made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Just your basic 2 player scorekeeper

hyperlink image To-Do App

Made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

No data persistence.

hyperlink image RGB Color Guessing Game

Made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

When page loads, click give new colors.

Blog App

Made using HTML, Sass, JavaScript and Node.

Still a work in progress.

Just some stuff...

You can find more on my codepen.

See the Pen KJRxJQ by Sherwin (@selcock) on CodePen.

See the Pen Box-Shadow by Sherwin (@selcock) on CodePen.

See the Pen Pop-Out Box / Modal by Sherwin (@selcock) on CodePen.



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